Mateja Kovacevic is born in Zadar, Croatia but grew up in Sweden. Educated at Åsa collage streetdance program in 2013 and has since then been working on the streetdance platform in Uppsala, where she is based. During this time she has traveled to learn more in Marocco, France, USA, Germany, performed & teached in Palestine and found her love for Afro-cuban dance in Cuba, where she is traveling continuous to. In Sweden she embraces the hiphop culture and works hard to share it through her organization Uppsala Loves Hiphop.  Mateja has developed the well prized streetdance association that started with open practices and the concept "each one teach one". A concept Mateja both work with and live with. 


Mateja debuted as an artistic leader 2018 with her enormous performance ”The Hiphop Symphony”. Her first show and she had to put up extra shows before the premiere was off! 


She has managed to make a lot of her dreams, thanks to her drive, passion and openness to other people. She has worked with all ages and also worked with people she can not even talk to. Her focus has always been to include and integrate those outside the society. And you can see it in her art to. When she both teaches and makes art she is always aiming to reduce the distance among people. She is not afraid to experiment with different expressions and to turn on concepts and art forms.